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We stumbled across the BRB home we purchased by accident, as we were actually looking at another house they had done on the same street. Turns out, it had gone under contract earlier that day, but the friendly neighbors (who also live in a BRB home) mentioned the house next to them was about to come on the market. Our realtor texted Blain and was able to get us access that evening, and we instantly fell in love with the house! We totally had that moment where you walk through the house and think, "Yes, this is exactly what I want!"


BRB was extremely accommodating and allowed us to make some additional, last minute changes/additions to the house even though it was almost completely done, and really made the house a home for us. They were absolutely amazing and installed a wine cellar in the closet under the stairs, which has now become a focal point of our home, that everyone comments on and loves! Keep in mind, this closet was already built out and had to be torn down to the studs to complete this project. 


I cannot say enough good things about this company, and I've referred them to several friends, one of which is about to go under contract for their own home with BRB.


--Jordan Barley




I can't say enough good things about BRB Development. We bought a home from BRB in the Apache Shores subdivision near Lakeway west of Austin, TX when the house was 90% complete. We LOVE this house. We were attracted to the "Hill Country modern" design with giant open living/dining/kitchen area and TONS of light coming in from a wall of windows facing the backyard. BRB negotiated in good faith and for a small price increase, they agreed to several upgrades important to us. The entire team, especially Blain Shanklin, Reece McIver and Ben Carroll, demonstrated by their actions a sincere commitment to customer service, they fixed all issues noted in the inspection report with care and skill. Since we've moved in in April 2016, the vast majority of the house and its appliances and features have worked beautifully, For the few problem areas we've had, including a mysterious, occasional septic odor (which seems to have finally diminished, thank goodness) and a need to equalize A/C air flow to various upstairs rooms, they responded immediately and did what they could to address the issues. Important for me, even months after the sale, they have been responsive in helping us address things like occasional electric system or appliance quirks, BRB may not be the biggest builder, but they are not the smallest either, and I think the focused size and scale of their business is an asset, as it enables them to be very customer-focused and responsive. I would highly recommend hem to anyone seeking a modern, well-built home.

--Cynthia Delacruz and Tom Harvey




Blaine and Ben were both excellent to work with throughout the entire process. They made sure all of our needs and questions were taken care of. This is a team that has a true passion for what they do, and I would gratefully suggest working with them if you get the opportunity.


--Rockell Betancourt




My clients recently purchased a spec home from BRB Development. As an Austin-area Realtor, I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and quality of service we received with BRB. I can honestly say they did EVERYTHING they could to make this purchase a positive experience for my buyers. I am happy to recommend them as homebuilders and plan on bringing my clients back for a BRB home.


--Kelley Anise Hughes

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